Event commemorating the opening of the Korean language learning app “Canko”

““Easy to learn Korean””

The miracle of learning Korean

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1. Who created the CANKO app?

CANKO is an application for those learning Korean for the first time.This app was developed by Korean language education experts together with Dongguk University's Korean Language Education Institute. It contains various contents of Korean situations, including basic words needed for learning Korean and expressions frequently used in real life in Korea.

2. What is the learning method of the CANKO app?


1) Learn like a Korean with direct learning methods

A learning method for learning Korean that presents learning goals for direct objects and situations, just as children learn language from their parents after birth!


2) Compare and analyze native speaker pronunciation and learner pronunciation 1:1!

You can speak Korean by learning Korean!

  • Korean male native speaker (voice actor) voice provided
  • Voice provided by a Korean female native speaker (voice actor)
  • Record your own pronunciation and compare it with native Korean speakers

3) Maximize learning effectiveness through linked and associative learning methods!

Learn Korean sentences using the Korean vocabulary you have learned, set conversation situations using sentences, and improve vocabulary, sentences, and conversation.Associative learning to learn Korean naturally!


4) Provides statistics analyzing my learning results

My Korean learning status is expressed in scores and shapes, so I can easily figure out where I am lacking.

3. Advantages of CANKO Korean language learning application

1) Anyone can learn Korean without restrictions, regardless of location.

Essential education to understand and experience Korean dramas, movies, and K-pop.

2) You can learn like a native Korean speaker through direct learning method.

3) Learn Korean sentences using the learned vocabulary and use the sentences to By setting conversation situations, Korean vocabulary, sentences, and conversation are naturally linked. How to learn Korean.

4) Provides a system to compare and analyze the pronunciation of native Korean speakers and the pronunciation of learners

5) Provide feedback through my learning (expressing my learning status in scores and numbers)

Now, feel the pleasure of speaking in real Korean conversation through CANKO Learn Korean!

Event period: Always unlimited
(see Canko app Event)
Event target: For users around the world who want to learn Korean
How to participate
Copy script (click copy button) -> Paste to your blog (Ctrl + V)
Click the APP QR code or download URL below to download the canko app from the store. After downloading and signing up, enter the URL of one page of your blog post. [ Canko APP Control Panel Email inquiry ] Send to Email inquiry menu at the bottom
Receive a 4-month coupon: : After administrator approval , use after canko control panel > Coupon menu > Click the apply button
4-month free trial event to learn Korean is underway (You will receive an additional free pass for one month when you post an event on your SNS account)
Refer to canko APP event page

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